190797-YBU Tuscan 5 Twin Section Controller (Linde)

Manufacturer: Honeywell Elm
Product Category: Controllers

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The Honeywell Tuscan 5 is a general purpose case /coldroom controller which can operate independently or as part of a networked Genus control and monitoring system.

With over 80 software variants, the Tuscan 5 has the adaptability to monitor and control the most popular case /coldroom types including generic, coldroom, 3 range, dyadic, 2 section, 3 section, full glass door, half glass door, ST case and ST coldroom.

Tuscan 5 is designed to be used with up to 8 thermistor probes functioning as temperature inputs. Depending on the application, the unit can have either 5 electro-mechanical relay outputs or 1 solid state relay with 4 electro-mechanical relay outputs.

It’s features include:

• Automatically controls and monitors HT and LT cases and coldrooms.
• Genus or alternative network compatible, can be linked to a central supervisor for central monitoring and logging.
• Features Solid State Relay, which controls a pulsed ‘Electronic Expansion Valve’ (EEV) for improved temperature        control and energy saving.
• Easy to configure parameters, using the InTouch, front end case display or Set-up Unit.
• Controller’s multi-functionality means fewer spare part variations for servicing.
• Full defrost control.
• Coldroom door monitoring – if switch installed.
• Manual force defrost capability.
• Electric or Gas defrost mode.
• Up to 8 Temperature monitoring probes.
• General purpose timer for case lights and night blinds.


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