Variable Speed Drive Repairs

Maxey Moverley offers a repair solution that can include collecting a faulty unit from site and redelivery once it has been repaired and refurbished. We understand that repair speed is vital, so all repairs are prioritised to ensure they are back in the field, fully warranted, as quickly as possible.

Our repair service includes:

  • Our test and diagnostic setup is designed not only to identify the fault but also the degraded components of the Variable Speed Drive
  • Comprehensive replacement of the drive operational components to enhance its working life of the Variable Speed Drive. Total refurbishment means the life of the unit is significantly increased
  • 24 hours full dynamic load and safety testing to ensure the quality of the repair
  • On-site or remote technical support for the installation and setup of the repaired unit
  • Backup of the VSD/VFD setup for record keeping and assisting the field service engineers
  • Twelve month warranty on all repairs
  • Fast turnaround – within 2 working days subject to model and parts availability on receipt of order
  • Manufacturers covered include: Danfoss, ABB, Vacon, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Emerson, Invertek, Schneider/Altivar/Telemecanique

Below is our current range of Variable Speed Drive Repairs. If your unit is not listed, please contact us to discuss pricing with us.

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