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Founded in 1982 as Radford Control Systems the business was renamed RCS Energy Management when it was acquired from Carrier by Maxey Moverley in 2009. Since then it has introduced a new generation of leading edge control, monitoring and systems management solutions.

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These powerful hardware and software solutions have been developed to support the increasingly sophisticated refrigeration energy management, cost control and environmental strategies of our customers.

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Our comprehensive suite of technologies work together to monitor, manage and control the usage of both energy and refrigerant gases – the two variables which present the refrigeration industry with its largest economic and environmental cost challenges. By combining our refrigeration solutions with our leak detection technologies, your refrigeration system can make an active and significant contribution to your energy management strategies – driving down costs and improving environmental performance. For information on RCS Energy Management products please visit our website rcsenergymanagement.co.uk. As well as the proven reliability of our products, we also place great emphasis on after-sales service and lifetime customer care, reflected in the breadth of our service and support offering. Service is provided by Maxey Moverley’s nationwide network of in-house service engineers. Please see our Services for further details

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Maxey Moverley  manufactures and supports The RCS product range, providing the full range of Refrigeration Control Systems.

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Maxey Moverley has a nationwide team of engineers, providing calibration, maintenance and repairs on a range of refrigeration & HVAC Equipment.