Low Carbon Repairs

Maxey Moverley’s repair operations follow ISO14001 environmental management processes, which means that we identify and monitor our environmental impacts and work to reduce them.

We have taken many actions already to reduce our consumption on electricity and gas, These include fitting all LED lighting throughout the building, improving building airtightness and airflows, closely monitoring heating controls, and other energy saving measures.

Over the next two years, we plan to install a PV array on the roof of 6 Broad Ground Road to obtain the majority of our electricity from this source. We also intend to install air source heat pumps for space heating in place of existing gas boilers. Company cars are now all electric and we will move to electric vans shortly when the range improves to over 300 miles per charge. Close control of stock and components has reduced the material wastage in the repair process to a minimum.

We have undertaken a full waste stream analysis which has led to a better understanding of our recycling opportunities. We are now able to recycle a full 90% of all waste materials, which is an industry leading level.

Currently the carbon footprint of each Maxey Moverley repair has been calculated at 2.5kg CO2e per kg of repair. This compare to 25kg CO2e per kg of replacement units.

Our overall aim is to be carbon neutral by 2025 which would result in carbon impact free repair activities.

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