Obsolescence Management

The IEC 62402:2019 standard states that ‘the objective of obsolescence management is to ensure that obsolescence is managed as an integral part of all design, development, production and in-service support in order to minimize cost and detrimental impact throughout the product life cycle’.

Installed equipment is generally replaced because it becomes difficult or expensive to maintain or because new functionality is needed. Often the new functionality available in new equipment is not beneficial enough to justify the considerable cost of replacement. Manufacturers recognise this and can withdraw support from older equipment to encourage the replacement with new. The owners of this equipment are then faced with a large bill for no discernible benefit.

Often this ‘upgrade’ involves replacing a considerable amount of infrastructure as the technology has moved on.

Maxey Moverley is able to help you avoid this obsolescence trap and to keep equipment functioning for longer and at a reduced cost. We are able to repair and refurbish equipment without the manufacturer’s help due to our ability to reverse engineer electronics in order to effect a repair.

When it is right to upgrade equipment due to materially new functionality or changed circumstances then Maxey Moverley can be your partner for circular economy recycling.

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