H3015-5148 PGM-IR Portable Gas Detector – SF6

Manufacturer: Bacharach
Product Category: PGM-IR Portable Gas Leak Detectors

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The PGM-IR offers superior performance and functionality for low ppm level leak detection for Sulfur Hexafluoride. Includes rechargeable battery pack, 120 VAC charging adapter and soft case.

The unit is immune to sudden changes in temperature or humidity and to over-exposure. The PGM-IR requires no zeroing of positive readings with extended exposure to gas. It has a data logging capacity of up to 200 readings.

With its high flow rate, real-time ppm concentrations are displayed instantly with corresponding audible tick-rate indicator to precisely pinpoint leaks. Rapid clearing time enables accurate ambient-air leak detection using the probe along a chiller or display-case. A re-zeroing algorithm and filter/bladder system allows the unit to be used in contaminated areas without affecting target gas readings. The rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a minimum of 8 hours of runtime for all-day usage.

  • Bacharach’s Most Powerful, Most Accurate Portable Refrigerant Detector
  • The most powerful, accurate portable refrigerant detector
  • 1 ppm Minimum Detectable Level
  • Detect leaks that other instruments can?t
  • Cut leak inspection times
  • Fast response time finds leaks quickly
  • Infrared sensor unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity
  • Real time ppm display quantifies leak to help easily find the source
  • 50+ refrigerants accurately detected
  • Halogen CO2, N2O and SF6 versions available


PGM IR Datasheet