6302-1069 MGS-450 IP41 NH3 0-3% LEL Catalytic Bead Gas Detector


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The Bacharach MGS-450 IP41 Ammonia Catalytic Bead Gas Detector makes compliance with refrigeration safety codes simple and easy, saving time and money on equipment and installation.

The MGS-450 Gas Detector makes commissioning, configuration and maintenance intuitive and requires no special training or tools to set alarm behaviour and / or thresholds. Using the MGS-400 App, users can intuitively use, commission and maintain their gas detection system without the need for specialist training or tools. Pre-calibrated sensor modules simplify maintenance, take minutes to exchange and do not require the use of calibration gas.

The MGS-450 allows installers to daisy-chain power and Modbus communication cables across the system, and can be easily integrated into a BMS / BAS, or with Bacharach’s optional MGS-408 Gas Detection Controller.


MGS-450 Datasheet

MGS-400 Brochure

MGS 400 Series Manual