6702-8020 MGS-402 gas detection controller

Manufacturer: Bacharach
Product Category: MGS Controllers & Accessories

This is a brand new product

2-Channel Controller for Refrigerant, Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection

Bacharach’s MGS-402 Controller centralizes the status of two gas detectors to enable compliance with refrigeration safety codes (ASHRAE 15EN 378CSA-B52).

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Bacharach’s MGS-402 Gas Detection Controller provides a centralised control for up to two MGS-410 Detectors. On the front panel of the MGS-402 a bank of LEDs corresponds to each connected gas detector; showing power, alarm status and fault indicators. The MGS-402 can provide the power requirements for to up to two gas detectors, which can be daisy-chained with Modbus communication to each gas detector; simplifying and reducing the cost of installation.


MGS-402 Manual

MGS-402 Datasheet

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