H6401-0503 MGS-250, Infrared R134a Detector

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The MGS-250 NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) R134a Detector is a state-of-the-art fixed gas detector which can detect a wide range of refrigerant gases. The MGS-250 can be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated into controls or a Building Management System (BMS). Each R134a Detector is shipped factory calibrated.

Bacharach’s MGS-250 Infrared Refrigerant Gas Detector is the leader in performance and flexibility. It can be configured as either a broadband sensor used for gross leak detection, or as a gas-specific version that’s pre-calibrated and characterized for precision response to individual refrigerants. The MGS-250 is the economical solution for detecting refrigerants without the limitations posed by solid-state sensor technologies.

Advanced infrared sensing technology makes the MGS-250 immune to cross sensitivities from combustible and toxic gases, as well as changes in temperature and humidity. The infrared sensor provides low-level leak detection and delivers up to 5 to 7 years of virtually maintenance-free operation. The MGS-250 has an alpha-numeric LED display, status indicator, on-board relay, and alarm to alert personnel when levels have exceeded the preset limit.


MGS-250 Datasheet

MGS-250 User Manual

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