EC2112 Eden Compact LSV, 485 Comms Local Display

Manufacturer: RCS
Product Category: Controllers

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The Eden Compact provides automatic temperature regulation and defrost scheduling for refrigerated display cabinets and cold room applications.

The controller has a maximum of 7 temperature inputs, the values of which control the evaporator inlet valve (EEV or LSV). Defined digital inputs are also standard, the function of which are selectable from within the Setup menu. The controller has outputs to control fans, suction valve, Lights, and defrost. The Compact range all feature Energy saving algorithms.

The Eden Compact supports multiple sensor types* PT1000, NTC2K2, NTC5K, NTC10K * Note sensor types cannot be mixed on a single controller.

The Eden Compact series covers the full range of evaporator inlet valve type and connectivity options.

Each model is easy to install and configure, thanks to features such as the standard two-part connectors for all external wiring of Inputs/Outputs. All Eden Compact controllers provide the option of up to seven temperature / analogue inputs for maximum flexibility, and multiple sensor types are also supported.

The range is tested and certified to BS EN 60730-1 and offers clear, intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces for simple, durable and reliable end-user operation.


eden compact user guide

Eden Compact Specification Sheet