EA2211 Eden Avanta For Remote Display, 485, EEV

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Product Category: Controllers

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The Eden Avanta is a class-leading controller designed to offer the greatest possible levels of functionality and versatility, including full communication support, from within a single Eden controller unit.

The Avanta is the part of the comprehensive Eden controller range for automatic temperature regulation and defrost scheduling in refrigerated display cabinets and coldroom applications.

Like all Eden controller units, the Eden Avanta was designed with on-board IP / wireless or 485 communication functionality, meaning it requires no additional communication modules. For RCS’ OEM customers this means fewer part codes, less stockholding of controller parts, and significantly simplified commissioning processes.

The Avanta’s fixing system allows for fitment on standard DIN rail, or for screw fixing – allowing for a full range of mounting options.

To ensure maximum versatility, the Avanta Eden controller offers a total of six 10A changeover relay outputs, supporting all common case / coldroom functions.

The Avanta features a total of seven temperature / analogue inputs as standard, meaning that as well as the standard five probe connections (Air On, Air Off, Evaporator In, Evaporator Out and Defrost Termination), a product probe can be connected on the sixth input and the seventh can be configured to accept different input signals such as pressure, humidity or pulses – particularly useful in CO2 applications or where energy monitoring by case is required.

Like all Eden controller units, the Avanta is easy to install, to configure and commission, with two part connectors provided as standard for the wiring of all I/O and control options including a front panel, the supervisory system or a dedicated Windows application.

The Avanta is available either with or without an integrated display, the latter for use with RCS’s new Eden Remote Display unit.