191002-ABA Boxed Elm Controller 200

Manufacturer: Honeywell Elm
Product Category: Controllers

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The Honeywell Minipack 200 controller has been developed to monitor and control compressors and / or condenser fans in refrigeration applications. Its primary function is to automatically control suction and discharge pressure, which gives added benefit of saving energy.

The Minipack 200 controller can monitor and control a set of eighteen stages with the option of:

• Up to 18 compressors.
• Up to 18 condenser fans.
• Mix of both compressor and condenser fans.
• Mix of low temperature and high temperature pack controllers.
• Variable speed compressor control.
• Variable speed fan control.

A defrost time clock can also be configured by using some of the relay outputs. Three analogue input signals, from pressure transducers, allow the controller to monitor system performance and take appropriate action when an alarm condition occurs. The signals also allow the controller to vary the speed of the 1st stage compressor or a bank of condenser fans, if a separate inverter is used. The inverter varies the speed of a trim compressor or bank of condenser fans in response to pressure fluctuation.


• Controls and monitors up to eighteen outputs.
• Variable speed control option on trim compressor or condenser fans. Switching control of all individual stages gives even distribution of compressor run times.
• Honeywell Genus® networked – Can be linked to a central supervisor for central monitoring and logging.
• Configurable parameters using a Honeywell Supervisor or Set-up unit.
• Comprehensive range of software variants.


Minipack Specification Sheet