ICON-363CS 6RLY 3PR Genus With Detachable Connect


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The Honeywell Icon 300 Series measure, display and control the temperature and lighting of refrigerated cases and coldrooms. They operate with up to three 2k NTC or PT1000 probes (air-on, air-off and evaporator probes), and has up to six relay outputs (alarm, auxiliary, light, compressor, defrost and fan). The Icon 300 series has a RS485 connection to enable the controller to interface to Honeywell Genus® Network

This model is the Icon 363C, with 6 relays, fast-on spade terminals.

The controller’s operating parameters are configurable using an eight-button keypad on the front of the temperature display. Access to the configuration parameters menu is achieved through the front panel keyboard by following a security procedure, after which the required parameter values can be set quickly and easily.


• Up to six relay outputs (alarm, auxiliary, light, compressor, defrost and fan).
• Controls the temperature through weighted average of the Air-On / Air-Off probes in order to maintain a set value.
• Honeywell Genus® network – Can be linked to a Honeywell central supervisor for central monitoring, logging and      defrost scheduling.
• Internal real-time clock for upto 6 scheduled defrost cycles per 24 hours. Defrost cycles can also be controlled via a     Honeywell front-end system.
• Time based light control.
• Displays messages, values and alarms.
• ‘HotKey’ – Allows for multiple controller programming.
• Dual Probe types (NTC 2k and PT1000).
• Low Humidity mode to keep the fan of the refrigeration plant running.


• Refrigerated Cases & Coldrooms
• Food Retailers
• Food Processing Factories
• Distribution Warehouses

Controller Functions:

Honeywell Genus® Network
The two Icon controllers have Honeywell Genus® Network communication protocol as standard which allows logging onto a Honeywell Genus® network for remote alarm monitoring and defrost control.
With Icon connected to the front-end monitor via the Honeywell Genus® Network it offers complete integration into Honeywell Genus® monitoring systems. This gives the advantage of:

Compatibility with existing installations allowing quick and efficient upgrade to new monitoring & control solution.

Icon 343C and 363C/CS have been specifically developed to work either on the Honeywell Genus® Network or stand-alone mode.


ICON 343C & ICON-363C User Guide