Honeywell Elm

Following its acquisition in 2007 by Maxey Moverley, the Honeywell-Elm cooling and refrigeration range is now manufactured and supported by us.

The Honeywell-Elm product range set the standard for network capable temperature control systems in commercial and industrial environments. It offers standard and customised solutions for the control, remote monitoring and management of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting systems, as well as turnkey installations to the market place. The Honeywell-Elm energy saving solutions and services are not only used for the comfort and safety of people in building industries and shopping centres but also for the safety and hygiene of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and other temperature critical environments. To see the full range of Honeywell-Elm products available please click here.

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We provide a wide range of brand new Honeywell Elm products available for next day delivery, all covered by our comprehensive warranty.

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On Site Service

Maxey Moverley has a nationwide team of engineers, providing calibration, maintenance and repairs on a range of refrigeration & HVAC Equipment.