Data Storage


Repairing and Refurbishing NVRs is at the core of our service offering at Maxey Moverley. Working with the leading manufacturers of digital storage to develop strict diagnostic and testing processes, we can give an extremely high standard of service. Our highly qualified and trained engineers are fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment to analyse faults in the increasingly sophisticated storage products on the market, and send them back to you repaired in full to the manufacturers’ specification.


Maxey Moverley provides over two decades of experience, working alongside the leading manufacturers to repair and refurbish DVRs to an extremely high standard. With many DVRs being made obsolete Maxey Moverley can offer our extensive expertise to refurbish and repair your equipment, utilising our vast stock of high quality parts, including hard drives. Due to our experience we are able to offer an unrivalled service to repair key components including mother boards where possible, a failure that could lead the unit having to be scrapped elsewhere. Multi-channel inputs are comprehensively tested together using our in-house designed test rigs, ensuring units are tested in real-world conditions.

Server Hardware

Maxey Moverley has many years of experience repairing sophisticated Server hardware, including memory, CPUs and power supplies, for major manufacturers such as Fujitsu and Logicom. We support a comprehensive range of servers and data storage systems. Our well qualified and experienced technicians not only repair the hardware but also have expertise in setting up secure systems. As we appreciate the importance of secure data storage in a modern and integrated surveillance and access control systems we have horned our expertise to handle repairs on most mid to large size systems. These include direct attached storage (DAS) and network attached storage (NAS) utilising various hardware and OS platforms. All servers are optimised during the process and customers configuration restored in most cases to enable easy site installations.

Manufacturers we Repair:

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How to send us your unit

We have easy to use processes to send your unit in for repair. Once with us you can follow every step with our online tracking facility. Learn More

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Maxey Moverley’s industry leading repair centre is a unique facility for the repair/refurbishment of a full range of electronics technologies. Learn More

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